Kyaing-TongKyaing Tong is the capital city of the Golden Triangle Region . It is surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains and offers travelers a chance to visit the remote villages of this peaceful trading town .The area is perfect for trekking, leading to villages of 13 nationalities including Ahku, Akha, Palaung,Eng(Ann), Lahu races. They retain their traditional costumes and way of life. One Tree Hill, Naung Tong Lake, Maha Myat Muni Pagoda, Yat Taw Mu Pagoda, Ka Ba Aye Pagoda, Kyaing Tong Central Market, Pot Business, Cultural Museum are famous tourists spots in Kyaing Tong.
Kyaing Tong lies in the valley between the high misty mountains of the Shan Plateau and the Mekong and the Thanlwin Rivers. Kyaing Tong is about 456km from Taung Gyi, the capital city of Shan State in Myanmar. It is only 170km away from Tachileik and it takes 3 hours by Bus or Vans. It is also accessible by daily flights from Yangon, the main gateway to Myanmar.

Ka-Ba-Aye-pagodaThe Pagoda was built in 11 century, which is (21) km from the East of Kyaing Tong. The literal meaning of Ka Bar Aye is ” World Peace”.

MahaMyatMuni-PagodaThe Maha Myat Muni Pagoda is located at downtown area of Kyaing Tong. It’s atmosphere is tranquil and one can meditate and pray in peace. The walls and ceiling of the hall are resplendent with ” Shwezawa ” (gold lacquer ) decorations yet it was not so lavish as to offend the eye. The face of the image from the chin to the top most part of the holy head was cast from a mixture of pure gold, silver and some copper.

Loi-Mwe-National-ParkLoi – Mwe, one hour drive and 33km away from Kyaing Tong, situated 5542 feet – above sea level could be toured around. Akha, Wa and Lahu tribes in their way of adjusting between development and cultural preservation could be seen at Ho – latt, Naung – cho, in their respective small villages. During British colonial rule ( 1885 – 1940 ), one Governor House was built for Summer Residence, and a Church: interesting places to visit at Loi Mwe.

GoldenTringle-GolfClubGolden Triangle Golf Club has 18 holes with total range 6554 yards located on the mountain side just outskirt of Kyaing Tong – the city of the East.

One-Tree-HillThis is Kanyin Phyu tree ( Dipterocarpus Alatus ) growing on top of the Soam Mom Hill at the outskirt of the city . It stands alone on the hill so that how the name was given. It is nearby downtown area of Kyaing Tong & planted in (1753), which is (218) feet height.

National ParkIt is located nearby standing Buddha image in Kyaing Tong. We can see the portrait of various tribes and their wares, living around Kyaing Tong.